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Jamaica Vacations

Jamaica Vacation Packages give you that desirable vacation all rolled up into a great package (just choose the one that suits you the best!).
Jamaica is a playground for people that just love the outdoors in a tropical place. The sea, sun and sand are all just waiting for you to revel in exploration, adventures and relaxation! If you love to mix in live music, foods that just melt in your mouth, and drinks that will get you up and dancing the night away, then Jamaica is for you!
You are going to further enjoy that the language is English with a splattering of the Jamaican patios language. Beaches? There are more beaches in Jamaica than you will have days available on your vacation (and with a forever-improving crime rate here, you do not have to worry; go ahead and let your hair down – but put it back up when in and around the main cities like Kingston). Some beaches worth mentioning are the Old Warf Beach, Fisherman’s Beach, Island Village Beach, Columbus Foot Beach, Calabash Bay Beach, Jamaica Beach and Jack Spratt Beach.
Good company, good music and good food has always been the main part of the Jamaican culture. Jamaican Vacation Packages will immerse you in other points of interest, such as the musical beats that you will find here (dub, rocksteady, reggae, mento and ska) and the fact that there are many endemic animal species here that reside nowhere else in the world.
The first people to inhabit Jamaica were the Taino & Arawak people, then the Spanish placed this island under Spanish rule. It was soon later (16th Century) that the British took over the island and renamed it Jamaica from the Spanish Santiago. In 1962, Jamaica became fully independent.
Jamaica Vacations explode with activities and loads of fun for you, whether on the land, in the sea or above the sea. For different spots to visit that are slightly out of the ‘tourist mainstream’, you can check out the Font Hill Beach Park & Wildlife Sanctuary, hike up Blue Mountain Peak, go to Bloody Bay Beach or Heavy Sands Beach for some secluded beach time, or explore Sculpture Park.
If you want to grab some market goodies, then you should head to Coronation Market (Kingston), as it is the largest. For some brushes with nature, head east of Hope Bay to the Daniels River and you will ‘hear’ the Somerset Falls before you see it. In Robin’s Bay area, if you are lucky enough to locate the Kwaaman & Tacky Waterfalls, then you are a true explorer indeed!
Vacation Packages in Jamaica are also your direct link to the incredible cuisines here, including the ever-popular Jamaican jerk spice that is widely used for many dishes. Creole influences began and remain a big part of everyday cuisine here. Yams, plantain and rice are the main staples and are creatively utilized in many culinary dishes that result in stews and seafood dishes. As fruit is readily available, they are used for desserts and refreshing beverages.
For the local beer, you will want to taste Red Stripe and the coffee is the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (local rum is abundant and intricately used as a base for many beverages); these are hugely popular all around the island.
Meeting friendly locals who enjoy the company of visitors from other countries is easy when you hit Dead End Beach in Montego Bay with Vacations in Jamaica. For nightclubs and the like, make your way to Quad’s, Blue Beat Jazz & Blues Bar, The Roof Club, Pier One and MoBay Proper.
If you are in the mood to see a movie, then you can stop into the Carib 5 Cinema or the Palace Cineplex both located in Kingston. For a live performance, try Centre Stage Theatre also in Kingston.
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